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An overview of the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question please contact us at

What is vreo?

vreo is a platform on which software developers can meet up with marketing companies to develop advertising campaigns together. vreo also provides a plugin that allows dynamic, unobtrusive and simple product placement.

Which features does vreo offer?

vreo offers the possibility to find marketing companies for advertising campaigns. Contained in the platform you will find not only a matching and private messaging system, but also an analysis tool for all running and finished campaigns.

Is using vreo secure?

We use several state of the art security technologies to keep our marketplace safe.

Don’t adverts annoy gamers?

All the studies and surveys have proven that well made, meaning non-intrusive in the virtual reality integrated adverts, are perceived as from non-irritating to positive on hand of the heightened realism.

Which countries does vreo operate in?


Can I license vreo and use it for my country?

In principle we are open for strategic partners. Please contact us at

Does using vreo cost any money?

None, registering on vreo and setting up ad campaigns are free. Fees are incurred after the successful setup of a campaign.

Are there guidelines I must follow?

Yes, you can find them here.

What payment options does vreo offer?

The payment for your product placements can be done, via the common payment options like visa, pay pal and bank transfer.

For which engines is the vreo plugin available currently?

At the moment the vreo is available for Unreal Engine 4.14. We are currently working on the plugin for the Unity 3D engine too. The integration in other engines is not being planned at the moment.

My company has it’s own engine, Can I use vreo with it?

Unfortunately not – if you are interested in integrating vreo in your own engine, please contact us at

Is there any vreo mobile app out, yet?

The mobile app vreo control is currently in development and we be released for iOS and android later that year.

Does vreo also work with VR?

Yes. Using Project: Gateway’s own focus rendering it is possible to create an analysis using the measurements of eye-tracking data. Without focus rendering the same analysis is possible as in non-VR.

For which platforms can vreo be used?

vreo can due to its plugin based analytics system work on nearly every system like consoles, pc, mac and smartphones.

How much can I earn as a developer?

Several factors play a role here, most notably setting, references, expected audience, placement of the adverts and richtige Einstellung der Kampagne.

What does the marketplace offer the developer?

vreo offers software developers a platform to display their content so as to find advertising partners so as to develop an advertising campaign shown on the predefined ad spaces within the software. This allows not only the possibility to increase the budget with discrete product placement but also offers long-term financial possibilities.

What does vreo offer brands and their products?

Brands can find software developers through our marketplace to place ads or products within their content. Using a matching system they can find compatible partners. The vreo algorithm offers a measurable analysis of the ad campaign which is billed with a dynamic success rate based on cost-per-view.

How high are the costs for product placement using vreo?

The costs are calculated dynamically and only per effective view. vreo’s commission is calculated as a percentage of the campaign value.

What is Cost-per-View?

Cost-per-View means that the costs are calculated dynamically, namely per each actual appearance in the view field of the user. The nearer the object was to the gamer and the clearer it therefore was, the higher the costs. Using the cost-per-view system, adaptable ad campaigns are possible that, if successful, could be extended.