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Measurable in-game advertising

Everyone knows this feeling: You’re playing your favorite game on the smartphone and you get interrupted regularly with banner ads or popup videos. Vreo gets rid of these issues! Enjoy the advantages of brand advertising which has been a standard in films and TV shows for years – now also available for software and gaming applications.

We offer dynamic embedded in-game advertising for games on smartphones/PCs/consoles with direct cost control including cost-per-quality-view algorithms and a strong backend for an overview of all campaigns.

  • Evaluation and analysis

    Evaluate your active campaigns and learn how users react to your brand. Discover further information like where users come from and which kind of in-game advertising format is the most effective one.

  • Flexible payment

    You’re always in total control regarding the budget of your campaigns. Due to our dynamic cost-per–quality-view system successful content helps developers and brands. Our payment solution enables faster, cheaper and more transparent ad revenue payout all around the world.

  • Online platform

    Manage your campaigns and find new partners for your goals by setting up parameters and getting matched through programmative advertising solutions.

Vreo for gamers

As we are gamers ourselves, we offer a solution by gamers for gamers. The attention of gamers is worth a lot to brands – we want to dsitribute the revenues more fairly and give back to the gamers by letting them participate and actually getting money in return for giving attention to the ads.

We also aim to not interrupt the gaming experience by providing embedded in-game advertising instead of pop-ups and interstitials. Through voting mechanisms granted by holding our tokens, gamers can also shape games.

Vreo for developers and brands

Developers as well as the brand representatives have the possibility to equally and with the aid of campaign parameters find the fitting deals. Partnerships instead of employer/employee relationships! The vreo marketplace can be viewed and searched after the free registration.

How does vreo help developers?

In the last years there have been some options to increase the mostly tight budgets besides just selling the game. Micropayments and DLCs and, although not widespread, advertising. vreo gives developers the chance to place less intrusive ads through embedded in-game advertising.


You decide!

As a developer you can decide for yourself if your in-game advertising offer is available for every brand or if only brands from specific industries are able to place their products in your game.

Engine plugins

Vreo has developed plugins for the most relevant real-time rendering engines like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4. For other engines we can provide the integration of our plugin. Please contact our tech-support for further information.

High flexibility

In-game advertising can get quite complex very fast. Rely on our strong backend and matching algorithms which will help you out.

Vreo for Brands

Is your company looking for a new marketing channel with a broad reach and varied advertising possibilities in the best target demographic? Lace posters, radio/TV ads, videos or even your complete portfolio directly embedded into fitting content for your brand.

With our marketplace you can find the ideal content for your ad campaign and also initiate in-game advertising according to your wishes. This campaign can be optimized completely in the personal dashboard including the CPQV (cost-per-quality-view) until you have reached the ideal solution. Brand advertising for games and software has never been more efficient.


Measuring through Blockchain

The biggest advantage for brands using vreo is our analytics tool where you can see detailed information about what kind of users are really seeing your advertisements. As all data is secured through a blockchain first, you can be sure that no manipulation with the advertising data happened.


Find the perfect partner for in-game advertising with our matchmaking system, get new recommendations or check the marketplace for partners by yourself.


Don’t pay for other services without getting any analytic results. Vreo uses a flexible payment system which doesn’t solely rely on assumptions but on analytical and actual figures instead. For that reason the cost-per-quality-view method was developed.

Which engines does Vreo support?

The official vreo plugin will support the two largest graphic engines right from the start. These are Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D. If you wish the integration of vreo and with that the possibility of vreo and the possibility of embedded in-game advertising with your own engine then please send us an email to

  • Unreal Engine 4


    Vreo for Unreal Engine 4

    The Unreal Engine was developed by Epic Games and has been on the market for nearly 20 years. The Unreal Engine is free (at least up to a turnover of $3000) and the most used engine in the AAA gaming segment.

  • Unity 3D


    Vreo for Unity 3D

    The Unity 3D Engine is a game engine that has been on the market since 2005. Unity offers the largest asset store and is designed to be able to be ported to the most platforms. It uses C, C#, C++. Java/unityScript and Boo as programming languages.


Use of blockchain

We have two quite different use cases for tokens. One can be exchanged publicly (Vreo) and holds what we like to call a “Proof of merit”. The other one is used by our platforms customers to ensure our unique and worlds first in-game advertising solution can be made as transparent as possible.

We make each view of an advertisement a unique transaction, therefore anyone issuing, placing or actually viewing an advertisement will perform transactions. This ensures the utmost open and transparent level of economic interaction imaginable, today.

What we need from a fitting blockchain: high throughput, information/transactions can be made opaque, conformity with jurisdictions, pegging the platform token to FIAT currency (creating a stablecoin).

For this, we have long researched the market to distinguish which technology fits best. Due to promising projects releasing updates in late spring/early summer and us being blockchain agnostics, we will monitor ongoing market developments and especially the process of these projects before a final decision is made: EOS and Cardano, but also new developments as DAG (IOTA) and Hashgraph.

Payment through crypto currencies can both fasten and cheapen international payment, helping to solve the problems with ad revenue payout currently existing in the industry.

By letting gamers participate in the ad cycle through digital profiles that are granting self-determined control, we strive to consolidate brands, developers, and gamers with mechanisms that ensure a fair distribution of advertising benefits.

Our Vreo enable gamers to participate in the games development process, as they offer voting rights on gaming features depending on amount and time of Vreo held