Trust and Security

This legal information is valid for as well as the vreo pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We are aware of our responsibility as the broker of advertising partners and take our duty very seriously. Our intent is to provide a platform that every participant can trust. This includes not only the intensive preparation and prevention of problems but also the follow up of reported problems. In spite of thorough and constant ongoing work we cannot guarantee that every project will run as expected.

Vreo has no products. vreo offers a platform so that developers and advertisers can connect to create joint advertising campaigns. vreo does not provide content or products, vreo is just a facilitator. This means that project members are solely responsible for their projects. When two project partners connect, they declare their confidence in their work. Details about the projects cannot be checked by us, the decision to work together is decided without our influence.

Sometimes it doesn’t go as expected. It doesn’t have to be malicious intent or an attempt of deception. Some developers accomplish fantastic work without achieving the success that their project deserves. Thanks to the Cost-per-View there is an integration of a dynamic cost adjustment.

Further information: Each developer and every brand has a website and/or PR material included in their profile. We advise that everyone should inform themselves about potential project partners either through previous campaigns on vreo or prior work and products.

References: The quantity and quality of references is a good possibility to rate potential project partners. Most companies are listed on various portals and these offer the first step to inquire.

Communication first. The easiest way to ask and answer questions is through direct contact. For this we offer a private messaging system. It also helps if you answer questions openly and in a timely fashion. Is there anything that seems strange or off? Give us feedback, that helps us restrict the misuse of vreo.

Professional and open appearance. Everyone wants to present their project in the best possible light. Don’t overstep the line - frauds and charlatans will not have any long-term success. Your partners will trust you more if you interact in an honest and open manner. We, and also your potential partners, expect a realistic overview of your project as well as any potential challenges.

Feedback from the community. We always have an eye on our platform and it’s content and will react to incoming feedback and questions in a timely manner. We do not have the capacity to check every single project though, you as a community can help us so that vreo stays a secure and open system.

Actions and reactions. We check and maintain our automatic systems and algorithms regularly to prevent misuse. If someone does however slip through our net, we will quickly react to reports from the community.

Data protection. Vreo does not take responsibility for the accuracy of any information from third parties. Please be aware what you post and do not post sensitive information.preis.

Be careful about fraud. Apart from spam mails, phishing is one of the most annoying and dangerous methods. Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. vreo will never ask for your complete billing information per email or telephone. Likewise your password will only be used to login to the site. Should you be contacted and asked for any of the above information or you have the impression that someone is trying to spoof our email please contact us directly and do not react to these attempts.

Security. To protect your account we have implemented a server-side authentication method and 128bit SSL encryption.