Vreo for Brands

Vreo offers companies a platform to find suitable software developers to place ads embedded into games and reach a whole new, interesting target group.


In-game advertising powered by Vreo

Product Placement in films and TV shows is a widespread and established practice whereas the in-game advertising market is up-and-coming, the forecasts for growth as well as the acceptance of ads with users reach high percentages though. Vreo offers the possibility through the choice of diverse search parameters to find suitable software developers that can place your brand prominently. Dynamic costs incur according to visibility, location and reach. The big advantage that Vreo offers: the adverts can be swapped and adapted at any moment after launch.  

Which marketing channels can I cover with Vreo?

Vreo has created a way into a new channel - the gaming market. According to statistics from the BIU 34,3 million people play video games in Germany. 47% of those are female and the average age is 35, a target demographic with a large purchasing power. Worldwide, there are over 2 billion gamers playing games for over 3 billion hours per week.

Apart from the placement of your brand and the thereby linked visibility as well as the measurability of the views there is the possibility to provide gamers with a follow-through on our marketplace by for example providing them with vouchers.

The practical side of Vreo is that often already available digital content, be it placards, videos or banenrs, can be used. This means that without time intensive additional work a new market can be opened up - together with developers from our marketplace!  


A lot of videos that were produced for your product can be taken and used in games as well. Just push the ad on interactive tvs, displays or even during the loading phase of the game.


Your company has an unforgettable radio ad, a unique jingle or just a certain message which the whole world should hear? Find the fitting match for the immersive integrated placement of a sound file within the Vreo marketplace.


You want to place a banner or poster to draw attention to your product? No problem as Vreo for textures allows you to place the poster within the game or software in various places, for example house walls or storefronts.

Good and Bad Product Placement

There are infinite possibilities to place Vreo assets. The golden rule is that adverts should not be intrusive but still be visible for the users. Look out with the help of our Matching System to be sure that the software as well as the product placement opportunities fit to put your media in the best light. Our machine learning algorithms help in reaching just the right key demographic. Below we have some examples of successful placement as well as some of the mistakes to be avoided.  


Examples of Good Product Placement

Game Progress

Have Vreo ads near objects that are necessary to advance in the game, this insures that these ads will be seen by users which, in turn, increases the coverage.  


Ingame cutscenes are another possibility to insert Vreo ads discretely. Especially props and textures offer high visibility due to the necessity of these scenes.

Points of Interest

Areas that the users sees from far away, that catch their eye (e.g. tall buildings) are also potential areas where Vreo ads can be inserted.

Level Design

Using clever level design you can steer the user past Vreo ads. In a linear level design it is quite easy to steer the user’s attention to a Vreo ads.


Content that has no place in Vreo


Please check the media you want to use in advance for possible unconstitutional aspects according to various countries. In Germany, for example, various works (this includes music and pictures) or symbols from certain organisations or persons are unconstitutional.  

Forbidden Symbols

Placing forbidden symbols, for example the Hakenkreuz, is not allowed and can get the medium in which it is placed banned. This is why the use (even for anti-campaigns) of these symbols is banned worldwide on Vreo. We reserve the right to disable accounts that transgress against this.

Drugs, Nicotine, Tobacco

In some countries you are not allowed to advertise alcohol, e-cigarettes or other tobacco products. Please refrain from placing these type of product placements - we will not take any responsibility for any retroactive ban of adverts or software.We do not tolerate any content advertising illegal drugs, we will show no hesitation in informing the appropriate authorities if we find any advertisements fo illegal drugs on Vreo.


Lots of the applications that are on offer on Vreo will be used by minors and through showing sexual or violent content will receive a higher age rating. This is why the display of the act of sex and primary/secondary sexual characteristics, violent and violence inciting content and weapons are prohibited as product placement on Vreo for games that are offered to underaged gamers.

Racism/abusive content

Any such content will not be tolerated and if found will be removed at once by the Vreo support team. Vreo will not be liable for any legal consequences.


We hope that the information and suggestions above have given you a good overview of Vreo. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.