Vreo for Developers

Vreo offers developers the possibility to improve their budget through the unobtrusive placement of adverts.  


Introducing Vreo: The Tool for Developers

Contrary to popular belief, software development is a complex and cost-intensive process. Generating funds is quite hard for new studios and businesses but also established companies can benefit from a larger development budget.

Vreo offers a platform that offers developers the possibility to present their projects so as to develop advertising campaigns together with marketing companies. Registering and uploading campaigns is free, a fee depending on the value of the campaign will only occur after a successful deal.

What features does the Vreo Plugin offer?

A software interface (API) will be provided that makes it possible to place products and/or adverts in the official releases of various graphic engines (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine 5). Ads (e.g. pictures or videos) can be placed in predefined placeholders (e.g. posters, tvs or billboards) and displayed.

This gives you the possibility for dynamically interchangeable in-game advertising which is currently not available, especially on PC and console. Our API was developed in C++ and C# and enables an easy swap of the advertising files through our marketplace, even retrospectively. According to various studies the majority of users find the embedded insertion of adverts in games not to be distracting but even to make it more realistic.


Do you have TVs, screens or other video displays in your software that could be filled with content? With the Vreo plugin you can set them up to loop or play at the push of a button or a certain in-game trigger (like distance of player). To update the content with different videos, we bind random pools to campaigns on the marketplace.


Do you have radio stations, tv stations, public announcements or similar planned? You can now populate your virtual world with music or audio (e.g. jingles, slogans, ads) to heighten the realism.


Do you have radio stations, tv stations, public announcements or similar planned? You can now populate your virtual world with music or audio (e.g. jingles, slogans, ads) to heighten the realism.

Good and Bad Product Placement

As we have already indicated, advertising in games is accepted by the majority, but only if it has been incorporated well. In other words, if it doesn’t register directly in the foreground or interrupt the game. There are infinite possibilities to place Vreo ads.

The golden rule is that adverts should not be intrusive but still be visible for the users. If you place your surfaces and replacement assets into your world hidden in the corners or the back of levels then you won’t be an interesting partner for potential advertisers.

Therefore plan well defined, visible areas when creating your software but do not put them right in front of the users so that they think it is just another “Ad-game”.

Furthermore you should make sure that the adverts fit to your game. A game with an age range 6+ should definety not advertise alcohol. You would expect that in a wild west saloon though.


Examples of Good Product Placement

Game Progress

Put Vreo ads near objects that are necessary to advance in the game, this insures that these ads will be seen by users which, in turn, increases the coverage.  


Ingame cutscenes are another possibility to insert Vreo assets discretely. Especially props and textures offer high visibility due to the necessity of these scenes.

Points of Interest

Areas that the users sees from far away, that catch their eye (e.g. tall buildings) are also potential areas where Vreo ads can be inserted.

Level Design

Using clever level design you can steer the user past Vreo ads. In a linear level design it is quite easy to steer the user’s attention to a Vreo ads.


Examples of Bad Product Placement


Besides Addons, DLC’s and of course game sales, product placement can become a large additional income. However, do not go over the top. Either with the amount of products and adverts or with active references to the same.  


Nobody wants the most gripping scene to be laced with product placements or even popups. This is why you should start incorporating Vreo ads from the very beginning in the game design to save you and your users a lot of irritations.

Out of Context

Have you stumbled across a soft drink ad in a medieval castle? Of course not, this is incoherent product placement that rips the user out of the immersion. Consider your users and watch out for sensible advert placement and content. Use the filter function to find brands and industries that are compatible with the world you are creating.


We hope we have shown you how Vreo can help you with the tips and suggestions above. If you do have additional questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at